Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I really should have shared this photo yesterday, but forgot I had it on my phone, so it's better late than never. This is my Pop (my Mum's Dad). His name was Eric Charles Jenkins and when he was in the army, his mates called him Snowy becasue of his fair hair. I struggled doing this page as I hadn't (at the time) done a 'vintage' layout. I ended up photocopying his medals, which my brother has, and I loved how they turned out. I titled it, 'The Man I Never Knew' because I didn't ever know him as a young man. He passed away in 1989, so he was always only ever old. I still remember his smell... His passing was my first experience with death within my family - it was heart-breaking to see someone so strong become so helpless... He was a very good man <3
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  1. Great Layout Tanya - photocopying the medals is a great idea, they look fabulous!